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Why Switch to Cloud-Based Epos for Hospitality

Cloud-Based EPoS – 6 reasons why it’s good for your hospitality business.

What is the one element of your business that would be most harmful if it were damaged or lost? Equipment can be pricey but, usually, easily replaced; property may cause inconvenience and require significant investment to restore but, arguably, they may be overshadowed by an intangible asset – sales data.

An effective EPoS solution provides flexibility and efficiency for any hospitality business by collecting, processing and storing data, encompassing everything from pricing, advance orders, sales, stock levels, menu management and wastage through to customer relationship management information. That is a lot of information to lose if anything goes wrong, so it is a surprise that so many operators are still choosing to run on a local server when you think about all the technology in our daily lives that run on the cloud. Here are 6 reasons why a cloud-based system can make a difference:

  1. Staying secure

Some operators avoid cloud-based systems because they worry about its security whereas, ironically, data that is stored on a local server is more vulnerable to loss or harm. Consider the implications if the hardware is damaged, stolen or corrupted or the increased susceptibility to cyber-attack of fixed storage compared to records saved to the cloud. Adopting a series of robust controls and policies as a matter of best practice configures the security and accessibility of EPoS cloud software to the individual needs of a business and provides the strongest security protocols for handling large amounts of sensitive data.

  1. Increase efficiencies with integrated tech and open APIs

Cloud-based EPoS systems provide even greater efficiencies by unlocking more opportunities for integration which is going to be a key factor in the coming years. Cloud connectivity opens the door to almost limitless integration with other products giving your business the diversity and capability to run our business efficiently and offer the highest levels of customer service in an increasingly digital environment.

Make sure your provider supports the latest API technology to make it easier to link with aggregators like delivery apps, order and pay and customer loyalty apps. This is essential for reconciling sales, eradicating any need for manual rekeying of sales onto your POS as it automatically updates which means you don’t miss any revenue!

If you are tied into a provider who forces you to use their own app you may want to re-evaluate if this is the right set-up for your business. Look for a provider that has open APIs which give you options to align with companies that enhance your offering rather than work to fit into the limited options available.

  1. Future-proofing your tech 

The flexibility of cloud-based EPoS solutions also provides the opportunity to future proof your business by installing software to grow with the business, rather than hold it back. Additional hand-held devices introduced in response to increased demand in orders can be easily configured in any venue, linking immediately to the information stored in the cloud. For an expanding hospitality operation, new venues or pop-up sites, POS systems are simply linked together, providing instant access to product and pricing data across the whole business. 

Systems using storage on local hardware create individual units, limiting the scope of the information you can extract, significantly reducing the value of data available by not being able to instantly assess the full picture across the whole business.   

  1. Automatic updates

Automatic software updates provide peace of mind as well as the most efficient operating system. Whilst traditional EPoS software becomes out of date whenever a new version is issued, cloud-based systems update automatically, instantly delivering the latest features and benefits without having to think about it. Updates run in the background so there are no service disruptions, and you are left with the reassurance that your business is as up to date as possible, as effortlessly as possible.

  1. Knowledge = power 

A cloud-based EPoS system gives you access to all your essential reports in real-time, from sales data, GP performance, stock levels and efficiencies, so there is no need to get GMs from different sites to email across spreadsheets to then spend hours collating to get a true sales picture. You can access your information any time, from any location, all at the click of a button.

Switching to a cloud-based EPoS system ensures that your sales data is streamlined in one place, with easy visibility to information across multiple functions. Not only can you access your data wherever you are, but it puts you on the front foot, enabling you to react quickly making any instantly to operational procedures or CRM initiatives to deliver the best product offer and service possible. 

  1. Unlock your flexibility 

As the face of hospitality changes so, too, does the need for an EPoS solution to offer flexibility and mobility to operational procedures. Touchscreen monitors, barcode scanners, tablets and mobiles were already replacing traditional fixed position terminals and computer keyboards before social distancing guidelines limited movement within venues and increased the need for table service. With these advances in accessing information, taking orders and payment to improve customer service at any point within venue, it is only logical for a business owner to want to embrace cloud technology to retrieve information on any device, at any time and from anywhere.

Working smarter

Cloud-based EPoS software gives hospitality operators the technology to drive efficiency and run a more profitable business. It has distinct advantages over local storage options, enabling businesses to work smarter and with increased confidence that the latest business-building support is securely stored.

Contact Tom Doherty, Access Hospitality Ireland Sales Director today to discuss how we can bring your EPoS system to the next level.

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