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Automate and control your procurement process with complete visibility of your expenditure for maximum savings.

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Access Procure Wizard is the leading provider of purchase to pay software, offering food and beverage solutions, in the hospitality industry.

Our award-winning purchase to pay technology has revolutionised the hospitality industry, giving operators an easy and effective way to maximise service delivery and save costs.

We have helped organisations secure millions of euros of efficiency savings by streamlining procurement, reducing indirect spend, and automating invoice processing.

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Features of Access Procure Wizard

Purchase to Pay

Automate and control the procurement process with Ireland & the UK’s leading purchase to pay solution.

Automating 100% of invoices that provides a single point of control for every part of the procurement process from receiving an order to electronic invoices.


  • Automatically select the best prices between suppliers
  • Suggest alternative savings where applicable
  • Restrict some products to specific suppliers – company standards
  • Purchase order approval
  • Raise a credit request at the click of a button
  • Automate 100% of your invoice processing 
  • Automate nominal AP Integration

Food & Beverage Control

Empower your team with a full kitchen management system that gives them full visibility over menus, dishes, waste management, stock, allergens and nutrition. Gain tighter control over margins and watch your kitchen thrive.


  • Allergen management solution
  • Nutrition information
  • Waste monitor
  • Stock control 
  • Menu & dishes engineering 
  • Recipe costing solution
  • Flash reporting

Cash and Stock Control

The most effective stock management solution in the marketplace. Stock result dashboards are configured to your own unique operational needs. You can manage purchase orders, recipe costings and controls, deliveries, returns and transfers and head office central purchasing with ease.


  • Real-time stock accuracy
  • Full control
  • Reduce admin time
  • Integrate with EPoS software
  • Stock requisitioning
  • Easy to access and easy to share
  • Real-time dynamic reporting

Access Procure Wizard

What our clients say…

Choice Hotel operate seven hotels across Ireland and the UK. Procure wizard was the obvious solution to purchasing, procurement and to streamlining everything in that side of the business.

The reason they chose Access was the reputation of the software and a lot of our suppliers used the system and had great things to say about it. It makes the ordering system an awful lot easier, it streamlines everything and makes life an awful lot easier.

Choice Hotels

Key benefits of Procure Wizard

  • Increase GP by 3%
  • + 5% invoice to credit ratio 
  • 100% paperless
  • Reduce AP headcount
  • Access real-time transactions
  • Similar to popular online shopping
  • Integrate seamlessly with stock controls and accounts
  • Suppliers receive ‘Missed Opportunities’ report

What can Access Procure Wizard do for you?