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Real-time cloud-based EPoS designed on modern architecture with no back-office onsite server. Fast and accurate touchscreen technology is easily configured for all service types.

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Access EPoS software gives hospitality operators the technology to drive efficiency and run a more profitable business, as well as provide exceptional guest experiences from one trusted source.

Clever and intuitive, our modular systems enable operators to rethink and reimagine the traditional EPoS till beyond the original vision for electronic point of sale to collect cash and monitor stock. 

No other provider can match the reliability, flexibility and adaptability of our EPoS software, the number of specialist partnerships or integration we offer our multi-site customers.

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Features of Access EPoS

Touchscreen EPoS technology

Designed on a modern architecture with no back onsite server, our fast and accurate touchscreen EPoS technology is easily configured for table, mobile, quick service, and kiosk service styles.

Packed full of easy to use smart functionality including clever up-selling, promotional and grouping prompts that make serving customers a lot quicker, no matter how they engage or pay.

Our touchscreen EPoS systems give you the technology to run a more profitable business and provide exceptional guest experiences from one trusted source.

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Order and pay at table

With the hospitality industry adapting to modern demands in the wake of Covid-19, it’s key that every operator has the technology in place to ensure both customers and staff are safe when eating and drinking out.

Order and pay at table technology is fast becoming the ‘must have’ software for bars, pubs, and restaurants.

Our EPoS solution will enable your customers to safely order and pay on their mobile while limiting their physical interaction with staff. Our solution is easy to set up, can be branded, and comes with great feedback from the clients that regularly use it.

Comprehensive reporting

Access EPoS offers a rich and mature reporting suite, that has been developed through many years of experience in the hospitality sector and through customer feedback.

As well as immediate real-time sales reporting and cloud reporting access from anywhere, business sheets help to control all aspects of sales and cash management in a weekly overview. Mobile estate overview reporting and drill-down analysis to transactional sales are available in an easy to view format.

Extensive ‘live’ real-time sales reports are available within seconds of transactions taking place. These are viewable within online dashboard reports. You can select the key performance indicators if you want to check be it estate, individual unit, or department performances.

Real-time reporting provides the proofs and business drivers for finance, purchasing, marketing, human resources and customer services.

The information allows them to function more effectively and make decisions using empirical evidence. Instant reporting and key performance indicators enable the management team to identify and deal with issues quickly and effectively. These business checks save precious resources and time while increasing business margins.


Integration with popular apps

Access EPoS partner with the biggest names in the hospitality industry and were the first to integrate with Deliveroo demonstrating our forward-thinking attitude and keeping our customers ahead of the game.

Our partners include Verifone, Pepper, Feed It Back, Deliveroo, Uber Eats, Access Collins and 5 Loyalty. They all seamlessly integrate with our EPoS and stock management solutions, greatly enhancing the scope and power of your overall system.

Seamlessly integrate and interface with all the major chip ’n’ pin, contactless, Apple pay, and Android Pay payment apps as well as loyalty, online shopping, order ahead and table reservation solutions.

ProductIcon AccessEPoS Circle

Access EPos

What our clients say…

As a growing multi-site we wanted to ensure that we selected the right systems solutions partner to support our future growth.

The reporting capabilities of Access EPoS are incredible and the amount of visibility of data we have compared to a couple of years ago is amazing.

Brenda Murphy, Financial Controller
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