A comprehensive solution that manages every aspect of your reservations and enquiry management. Our fully integrated systems make restaurant reservations, enquiry management, table management, comprehensive reporting, pre-ordering and payment easier for you to manage, as well as simplifying the customer enquiry and communication communication process.


Our comprehensive restaurant, bar and pub booking technology allows you to optimise your space and increase efficiency. With over 6.5m visitors to our sister site each month and our booking partner’s TimeOut and Tripadvisor, we can also help you achieve a significant increase in online bookings.

Our reservations and enquiry tool comes with fully automated bookings, ability to join tables in real-time, comprehensive floorplan management, check-in capabilities, automated wait-list technology, as well as three different digitised views for service. The technology is 100% cloud based and available on any device so you can rest assure your data is secure, and your team can access key information on the go.

More bookings/enquiries in from your website
Increased conversion rate of enquiries
Hours a year saved with increased efficiency
Unparalleled satisfaction rating for our support and account management


Access Collins gives you the ability to manage all enquiries, regardless of whether they are from your website, social channels or a phone call, in one central system – improving your conversion rate on average by 24% or more. We provide the tools to set your own rules to take real-time bookings and enquiries all through one reservations website widget.

Our enquiry tools enables you to set yourself reminders, track the progress of enquiries, add packages, take deposits and pre-orders, print function sheets, do invoices and VAT receipts, and more. Our comprehensive enquiry management function tools help you convert all your groups, parties, private diners and Christmas enquiries.

You can also maximise sales by using our smart space finder tools, to see which of your venues have space on certain date ranges, times and even areas, to redirect customers to an alternative venue if required.


Reserve with Google’ is changing online reservations by allowing potential customers to book directly from Google listings and Google Maps, so they never leave Google to make a reservation.

These bookings go straight into the Access Collins system, which is now the first booking system to offer our customers the ability to also manage enquiries, particularly bigger parties and group bookings, through Google.  Enquiries from Google listings and Google Maps come directly into Access Collins, putting our customers in the unique position of being able to quickly and easily respond to enquiries, bringing them additional revenue from converting larger bookings.


Detailed reporting data enables you to analyse performance at a site or group level, and understand which channels are driving the most footfall and bookings. We provide detailed, but easily accessible reporting and data insights from a venue group level, down to individual venue level. You can get instant access to customer information such as birthdays, booking history and more with tagging tools. Also, access all your data via our API to extract it into your own back of house reporting tools.

Whether a Finance Director, Operations Manager or General Manager, you can get instant access to all the data you need. As our solution is cloud based, you can access this information from any device, and from any location – whether in the office or travelling between sites.


We have an easy to use drag and drop functionality to enable you to lay out your venue for service. It gives you the flexibility to put multiple groups in one area, put one large group over multiple areas, turn your tables every 2 hours –whatever suits your operational goals. It’s all simple to do and quick to look at on the day/night to see where your spaces are.

We also have a one click Run Sheet generator which shows your heads for the night, break down of types of bookings and all the detail per table, including notes, customer tags, deposit codes and more. Everything your team need to know for service to run your venue smoothly.


Looking for a tool to quickly and easily send branded customer communications? Our technology allows you to tailor the look and feel of all email communications to your customers, to suit your brand. Just set up email templates, upload menus and venue photos to a central cloud to use in your communications within Access Collins.

Use the smart features to send out automated booking reminders, follow-ups and even manage all inbound reservation emails through your own internal reservations mailbox.


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