30 Nov 20 / Blog

Pub desks – the new office for remote workers?

Many people have been working from home since March, and with no sign for many to return to the office, they have found pubs, bars and cafes as a welcome escape to the familiar four walls of their home office.

For workers it is a great opportunity to get the creative juices flowing, meet up with a colleague to discuss the latest project or even just get out of the house for the day and into a new environment. For the venue, it is a great way to make up for lost revenue after months of uncertainty and closures.

What pubs can offer?

Data from Streetbees’, found that 23% of workers had worked from either a café or coffee shop since the hospitality sector reopened on 4th July. They also found that 33% of workers would feel comfortable working or hosting a meeting in a pub, as long as they followed Government COVID-19 guidance.

Hospitality venues up and down the country have already jumped on the demand for people to get out of their home office, enticing workers in with great deals  e.g. Young’s who are offering packages which include a table, Wi-Fi, unlimited hot drinks, lunch and in some venues a pint of beer or glass of wine to toast the end of the day. These types of deals have been replicated, enabling operators to fill tables during the day on weekdays, and driving much wanted revenue in.

How to get customers into your pub?

While this is a great opportunity to drive people into your venues on weekdays, how can you attract workers to use your venue as a place to work?

  1. The first thing is to ensure that they know your venue is offering “Pub Desks”, this can be achieved by advertising through your social media channels, or perhaps sending out an email to your marketing database.
  2. Ensure that it is nice and simple for them to book a table, the package they want, and even allow them to pre-order their lunch. This gives you visibility of who will be in the venue each day and ensures that you have the right stock with the right staff levels.
  3. A reservations and booking system enables you to quickly adapt to this growing trend, helping bring customers in during the day and much-needed revenue.

Pub Desks are a simple way to quickly adapt to ever-changing circumstances, with speculation that may remain an option for venues in tier 2 or 3 areas. Access Collins is the leading reservations and booking platform, enabling operators to boast enquiry conversions by 24% and ensure that you never miss a booking.  

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