31 Aug 21 / Blog

How Time and Attendance software could improve hospitality’s staffing problem

So, how can time and attendance software help solve the ongoing problem of acquiring and retaining staff? Particularly in the hospitality sector?

To say that current life in the hospitality trade is hectic would be an understatement.

Hospitality operators are, of course, used to spinning plates, but when you pile Covid-secure measures and staff shortages on top of those plates, there is a greater chance that some of them might wobble, or fall.

Any assistance that ensures these plates can continue to spin correctly and efficiently, will be welcomed.

For independent hospitality operators who have found new staff to hire, or who are re-introducing team members to the business after furlough, that assistance may come in the form of time and attendance functionality.

As any experienced operator will know, people management can be a time-consuming task. Yet, it is one of the most important factors to get right if you want the business to run smoothly.

Access TNA Wizard

Installing software such as Access TNA Wizard to manage all time and attendance functionality (TNA) for all staff within your hospitality business will help with this. It allows everyone to view and manage their schedules in one place. Which saves everyone time and gives greater control to all parties.

Operators can use the TNA software to manage rotas, scheduling and holiday. It will also store basic employee information. There’s no need for a manager to waste their precious hours filling out spreadsheets. Or managing emails or printing holiday requests for that matter. This is because everything scheduling-related is handled in one place and stored in the cloud.

The system’s mobile app allows managers to communicate instantly with employees about schedules. This allows them to know exactly when they are required to work, and they can deal with any requested shift changes. Staff can also see how many holidays they have left, request days off and clock in via the app. This gives them easy and direct control of their time. Everything can be done at the click of a button through the app with management approved changes immediately visible.

The fact that staff can manage their schedules and request time off through a mobile app is not only easier to do for most, it helps make the whole process more transparent and saves everyone time. If a member of staff isn’t due in for a few days they can see when they will be working by checking the app from their phone. Instead of having to pop into work or call up to speak to the manager for their forthcoming shift times.

Having this functionality in place before staff join or return from furlough will improve the onboarding process. Allowing hospitality operators to create the right impression from the start or re-start of an employee’s journey with the business. If these staff members are given this control over their working hours from the start they will feel empowered and valued. Which will improve the chances of them staying with the business in the long term.

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