05 Oct 21 / Blog

Hospitality Technology Has Changed Procurement

Purchase to pay technology has seen a huge growth in the last year. Here, we look at what is driving that growth. As well as how procurement technology is transforming back of house operations. 

The pandemic has certainly accelerated the adoption of digital technology in hospitality businesses. Operators now look for more efficient, cost-saving solutions to support their businesses. While many conversations revolve around the adaptation of venues to adopt tech to help customer interactions on-site, such as contactless order and pay solutions, digital booking systems and implementing a delivery service – what about your back of house?

Streamlining back of house operations should be a key focus for all operators looking to control costs and protect revenue streams as we all navigate this period of sector recovery. In this article, we look at some of the challenges facing back of house operations and how technology can optimise your processes and support staff functions.

Managing Talent Loss

Many businesses have been affected by the departure of talented employees as a direct result of the pandemic. A key question all operators need to ask themselves now is what does our staff skillset look like post-pandemic?

The departure of an experienced procurement manager can have a profound effect on a business’s operations resulting in a disrupted supply chain and lack of skills to resolve the associated issues, source new suppliers and manage ongoing supplier relationships.

An overreliance on personal relationships and connections can lead to massive issues for a business when talented staff leave. Procurement is a crucial area for any business in managing cost efficiency. With many suppliers affected by the pandemic, resulting in either loss of suppliers completely or ongoing relationships with suppliers affected by more staff loss on their end, it is now critical to evaluate current procurement management and look to adopt new strategies.

Staff Support

It’s important to acknowledge the impact of all these ongoing challenges on your team. The additional pressure placed on frontline teams will also impact your ability to retain talent. Therefore, anything that can support their day-to-day functions is going to help make for a happier and healthier team.

The adoption of automated procurement technology and a full kitchen management system is key. This can help reduce average labour time by 95% and increase accuracy of orders. It can also improve stock control and reduce time spent on manual admin tasks. The same technology also empowers your back of house teams with full visibility over menus, waste management, allergens and nutrition, streamlining many previously time-consuming kitchen tasks.  

The Rise of Tech in procurement

Operators have searched for ways to be more cost-efficient during the pandemic. This has resulted in a rise in demand for effective purchase to pay solutions to optimise back of house operations. As well as the benefits in cost control and staff support, you can guarantee business continuity – ensuring your guest’s experience is the best it can possibly be.

Purchase to pay technology is likely to be your biggest piece of software and with good reason! This tech automates all ordering, invoicing and POs all in one place. It also saves countless man-hours and driving back of house optimisation.

With the current challenges facing the sector, there has never been a more pertinent time to look to reduce the workload of your teams, streamline processes and protect your supply chain. Procurement technology can be integrated into your operation without the need to hire and train new staff. This will allow your business to start securing the cost savings immediately.

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