Access Workspace lets you get you what you need – when you need it – quickly and so easily. Expense claims, purchasing requests, booking leave, all automatically approved without admin, bother or hassle.

It means work feels less like work, less of a grind. It means more time for the job you’re passionate about. More time to do more of what’s important.

Access Workspace, when business software feels this good, when it works the way you want to work, you’re free to achieve so much more.

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Access Workspace is a transformative way to achieve a connected and engaged organisation.

Key features that achieve this are:

Powerful apps:

Powerful apps:

Workspace applications help you to complete tasks easily and find information quickly, with everything available on the cloud.

Smart use of data:

Smart use of data:

Our integrated product suite, with a single data view, allows you access to powerful analytics.

Your dashboard:

Your dashboard:

With the ability to customise your dashboard, Access Workspace will work the way you need it.

Powerful Apps
Productivity | Efficiency | Simplicity

As well as its core software, Access workspace includes complementary apps, just like those on your phone or tablet.

Not everyone in your organisation needs unrestricted access to business systems, but they might find it useful to get certain information or make inputs.

For example, the Find Customers app in our Access Financials system allows all staff to view current customer information, without needing full access to the system, a software licence or disturbing the finance department!

Smart Use of Data

Integration | Single View | Analytics

In Access Workspace, whenever you make updates in one business system, all other records will be automatically updated. So, if an employee’s name is changed in Access HR, this will be reflected in your finance software and every other system.

The powerful data warehouse underpinning Access Workspace will safely store all of your key business data. From here, you can create analytics reports across all your entire software suite, safe in the knowledge they are accurate and up-to-date

Your Dashboard
Intuitive | Customisable | Personal

Create your Access Workspace dashboard with a fully customisable interface and drag-and-drop personalisation. Organise apps, tasks, company information and project work to suit how you work on any given day or week.

For example, as a manager, you could add the Approvals app to your dashboard to ensure you never miss a request. If you’re on a project team, you can check the status of your tasks at a glance. The choice is yours.



What if business software worked like the apps we use every day, to shop, to play, to connect?