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5 Features of a Good EPoS System

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When comparing different EPoS systems and deciding which one to get, it’s easy to fall into the category of choosing the system that has more style than substance. So, the real question is: what should you be looking at when deciding which one to get? Luckily, we’ve got a breakdown all the important points to consider:

1) Functionality

The bread and butter of all good EPoS systems – it needs to have great functionality. To maximize efficiency, you, the user, must know exactly what you want it to do. You also must know how you want it to perform. Knowing what key features/functionalities are important to you is a good starting point. Examples of some common highly desired functionalities are as follows: popular dish tracking, real-time comprehensive sales reports, inventory management, and of course, quick payment times. Top of the range systems are cloud based, and offer real-time sales data, flash reports, and clever upselling techniques.

Having a fully integrated system, such as Access EPoS, will give real-time access to stock information, price lists, stock maintenance, sales reports, and customer credit limits.

2) Easy to use

All good EPoS systems are very easy to use. There are several features that make an EPoS system easy to use. Touchscreen technology is pretty much a ‘must have’ nowadays. All staff members must be comfortable using the system on a day-to-day basis, and new or inexperienced staff should be able to get trained to use it quickly and easily. The EPoS software should fully customizable and easy to update without having to contact the EPoS system vendor.

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3) Support and security

Switching more over to the service side of the EPoS system, the user should be comfortable knowing that if something goes wrong, they can pick up the phone and instantly speak to the support team any time of the day to resolve the issue as soon as possible. The vendor should also provide full training for users and staff. The system will always have up to date security standards to prevent payment fraud.

4) Flexibility

EPoS systems should accept multiple payment types, such as chip and pin payments, cash, and contactless payments. A good system should improve the customer experience; therefore, it should allow staff to take orders and payments on the go. Having a tablet or mobile EPoS device is a big advantage nowadays, as it allows staff to have access to all allergen, dietary, and nutritional information at all times.

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5) Additional Features

This consists of all your non-essential features that allow your restaurant or bar to operate more smoothly and efficiently. Being able to fully manage your recipes, including giving staff access to dietary, allergen, and nutritional information would be a key example of a good bonus feature. Having photos for each menu item, being able to order ingredients on the system, and having smart upselling techniques for staff are some good examples of the features that could help simplify the system for staff and possibly increase sales.

Access EPoS offers all these features and more https://accesshospitality.ie/solutions/epos/

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